Evolving With the Times: Announcing Changes to JustPickup

Dear JustPickup Community,

In times of great challenge, innovation often shines brightest. As the COVID-19 pandemic shifted our way of life, we saw an opportunity to support local businesses and customers through a more efficient and convenient pickup system. This led to the birth of JustPickup, an order-management system, chatbot, and queue manager designed to streamline curbside pickups and enhance the shopping experience.

Over its lifespan, JustPickup has been an incredible tool, contributing to our technological capabilities and helping businesses adapt to a new retail environment. We've witnessed its power in reducing the back and forth communication between businesses and their customers, making online shopping and local pickup easier and more efficient.

However, as we continually assess our products and their alignment with current market conditions and future trends, the pandemic ended so did the need for a tool like this, so we've made the difficult decision to sunset JustPickup. This decision was not taken lightly but reflects the evolving retail landscape and our commitment to provide products that best serve the needs of our users.

While we're saying goodbye to JustPickup as a standalone product, its spirit and technological advancements will not be lost. The learnings and technical milestones achieved through JustPickup will continue to inform our future innovations, driving us to create solutions that truly enhance the retail experience, both online and offline.

We're deeply grateful to all the businesses and customers who embraced JustPickup and contributed to its story. Your support and feedback were invaluable, and we look forward to continuing our journey together with new and exciting innovations.

Thank you for being a part of the JustPickup journey. Here's to the road ahead!

Your Mobility Quotient Team.