Here’s Why Your Business Needs Curbside Pickup

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to find new and innovative ways to safely offer service. Curbside pickup is one of them. Find out why your business needs curbside pickup.

It’s no secret that the current pandemic has had a significant impact on individuals and businesses worldwide. The ongoing health crisis has forced many businesses and organizations to find new, innovative ways to operate and stay afloat.

While many regions around the world are beginning to ease their physical (social) distancing measures, the pandemic is far from over– and perhaps we must change the way we operate regularly to adjust to the world’s new normal. Now more than ever, offering a click-and-collect service such as curbside pickup can help your business stay ahead of the game.


What is Curbside Pickup?

Curbside pickup is a service offered by businesses of all sizes that allows customers to pre-order and collect purchases, often without even stepping out of the car.


Why should my business offer curbside pickup?

Curbside pickup is easy, efficient and helps cut down shopping time and the fees of regular shipping or delivery. Providing this type of convenience and flexibility is the key to happy, repeat customers and increased sales. However, curbside pickup is beneficial for businesses as well. Here are a few ways curbside pickup can enhance your business and service:


Reduce Lines In-Store

For businesses with a physical location, curbside pickup can help cut long lines and reduce the number of people in-store to help companies to adhere to physical (social) distancing and safety measures.


Increase productivity & reduced phone calls

Offering online curbside pickup can reduce or eliminate busy phone lines and increase productivity. Enabling customers to submit their orders online removes the need for an employee supervising the phone, which leaves more time for staff to be assigned to other tasks throughout the day.


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Serve a variety of customers

According to Invesp, 50% of shoppers decide where to shop based on whether or not they can order online and pickup in-store. Curbside pickup is an excellent alternative for customers with busy schedules, customers with kids or pets and customers that may have mobility issues. Since curbside pickup doesn’t require the customer to come in-store or even leave the car at times, your business will be able to provide service to a wide variety of people.


Keep your business stay modern and competitive

There’s no denying that we live in a world that is heavily driven by tech and convenience. According to eMarketer, 78% of internet users say they would definitely or likely use a store pickup service.


Start now and be competitive

90% of retailers plan to implement curbside pickup or similar methods by 2021. Get started with JustPickup today and begin offering curbside pickup instantly.