Press Release: Calgary Tech Company Turns to Innovation in Support of Small Business During COVID

An online marketplace and order management platform, JustPickup enables businesses to list their products online, receive purchase orders and offer easy and efficient curbside pickup.

Calgary, AB (May 14, 2020) – Calgary tech agency, Mobility Quotient, announced today the launch of JustPickup, an online marketplace and order management tool that enables businesses across Canada to list products for curbside pickup. In response to the unexpected news that Calgary and Brooks will be temporarily exempt from Alberta’s re-opening plan, Mobility Quotient expedited the development of JustPickup. The platform aims to help local businesses and individuals adjust to the “new normal” by offering a simplistic method for managing contactless pickup of merchandise, donation items, educational materials for students and more.

The platform, created in response to the coronavirus pandemic, features 4 packages tailored to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. JustPickup offers a free plan for small businesses looking to list 10 products or less for curbside pickup. Additionally, paid plans start at $9.99/month for additional products and features. Currently, JustPickup is offering a 90-day free trial on paid plans in support of businesses that have been affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic– with no credit card required at signup. “We saw a need for an easy, self-managed approach to curbside pickup that eliminated the hassle of phone calls and sticky notes and provided the simplicity of ‘click and collect.’” Nikhil Sonpal, Mobility Quotient’s CEO says. “We also knew this needed to be a low or no-cost alternative as many small businesses took a financial hit during this time. This is why our team devoted the month following the physical distancing enforcement to developing a platform that provides local businesses and vendors with the tools they need to transition to the new normal.”

justpickup-press-release-screenshot-dark(Screenshots of JustPickup)

JustPickup is dedicated to providing small businesses with the ability to offer pickup services at little to no cost. As the platform continues to provide new updates to help businesses better serve their existing customers, JustPickup is inviting businesses and vendors of all sizes to try out their paid plans for 3 months, free of charge. To start taking orders via on JustPickup, the business owner or vendor must create an account, choose a plan and list their products. The business can then share their unique JustPickup marketplace link to begin taking orders instantly. No more busy phone lines or sticky notes– in just three easy steps, any business or vendor Canada-wide can list their products for curbside pickup. Get started with JustPickup today at

About JustPickup

Shop local, pickup curbside

JustPickup is an online retail marketplace that enables businesses to better-manage curbside pickups via the workflow management software. JustPickup organizes purchase order (PO) generation and logistics management (collecting information like products, amount owing, pickup times, etc.) for businesses to offer curbside pickup options to their customers. JustPickup is not a delivery service, nor does it process online payments; it simply organizes online order processing and connects consumers with local businesses–without the contact or in-store shopping.

Based in Calgary, AB, JustPickup was created during the COVID-19 pandemic in efforts to help businesses transition to, what may be, the new normal and innovate on classic methods of commerce, retail and marketing.

You can find JustPickup online at,

About Mobility Quotient

Creators of JustPickup, Mobility Quotient (MQ) is a digital agency that helps organizations increase profits and make complex processes simpler. We’re Engineers, we’re Inventors, we’re Designers, we’re Code Monkeys, and we’re Story Tellers. From websites and applications to marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, we use our combined skills to solve complex business problems and we help our clients leap forward, embrace innovation and achieve their goals.

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