What is JustPickup?

JustPickup is a global online marketplace which enables businesses to better manage curbside pickups via custom order-flow management software.* Created by Calgary-based tech company, Mobility Quotient, JustPickup was designed to help businesses innovate on classic methods of commerce, retail and marketing.

*JustPickup is not a delivery service and currently does not process online payments (yet!).

Our Vision

Shop Local, Pickup Curbside

Our goal is to help local businesses and vendors provide efficient pickup services. During a time when many vendors are scrambling to find new ways to adjust to the new normal, moving to online orders and curbside pickup is the only way some of these businesses can to continue offer service. This change can be difficult—but we're here to make it easy. With no transaction fees, phone calls, sticky notes or hassle, our goal is to provide local businesses with a simplified and cost-efficient way to sell curbside.

Our Story

JustPickup was created in response to the coronavirus pandemic which left many small businesses unable to stay afloat. While some businesses were offering curbside pickup via phone call or direct message, others just closed altogether. We saw a need for an easy, self-managed approach to curbside pickup that eliminated the hassle of phone calls and sticky notes and provided the simplicity of "click and collect." We also knew this needed to be a cost-efficient alternative as many small businesses took a financial hit during this time. This is why our team devoted the month following the physical distancing enforcement to creating a platform that provides local business and vendors with the tools they need to transition to the new normal.

"As someone who has been in the tech sector for over 20 years, I have a professional obligation to help small business that are struggling and provide them with a pragmatic online solution to survive this crisis." - Nikhil Sonpal, CEO of Mobility Quotient.

JustPickup Pricing & Plans

Our varying plans will provide you with the tools to offer curbside pickup, no matter the business size. Our basic plan is free for small businesses looking to list 10 or less products for curbside pickup. Paid plans start at $9.99/month and vary based on your business needs. Currently, our Essential and Premium plans offer a 3-month free trial in efforts to support local small business and vendors that may be facing financial restraints during the COVID-19 pandemic&emdash;no credit card required.

Not sure which plan is best for you? Whether you're a home-based vendor or local business, our questionnaire will help you figure out which plan is best, based on your business needs.

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